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Microbiome is leading in the field of innovative molecular microbiological diagnostics. read more >


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The STD home test of Microbiome, is the only reliable STD home test in the market. The home test already appeared in various media. Below you’ll find a selection of different articles. The articles were published in leading magazines, business newspapers and via news agencies.


            BiotechNews                           Elsevier Aug. 2010            Het Financieele Dagblad July 2008




 Amsterdam City June 2008                    Synaps Sept. 2008

Latest news

As Tuberculosis Grows More Difficult to Control, Vaccine Candidate to Prevent Disease Enters Clinical Testing

Aeras and the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) announce today the start of the first clinical trial of IDRI's novel tuberculosis vaccine candidate,... read more >

Growing Resistance to Gonorrhea Treatment

Recent research explains why treating gonorrhea has grown more difficult. Scientists from Harvard University, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... read more >

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We develop integrated solutions together with leading manufacturers from the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, helping them to leverage our leading sample & assay technologies as part of their own offerings. read more >